Penelope in Moonlight

yes because I never did a thing like that as to want you in the way the world finds me broken since the beach all moonlight and hands or your lips telling mine to shelter in your own yes I thought you might have held me there forever and wondered how our bodies could return again to that shame that is not ours O if this cornered time shadow of a body could release itself again to that moment I could show you love the way we might have found it again on that beach but it all looks different under moonlight now and our lips have grown old with words and our hands with denial but you hold me still yes through tears I feel that buried place again where you said I was a flower of the mountain yes that is what I was a flower in eyes delicate enough to realize the same yes you seemed to know or feel what it was to be a man and I asked you to ask me again yes how you kissed me beneath that theater of the moon my mountain flower yes and I said yes I will Yes.

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