The Island

To sleep in a room alone: dreaming–
how the mind seduces the body
to believe what is lost
beneath the eyelids like a love
that cannot breach

how time is the dissonance
of feeling, motions of a barren road
left silent in a ruin
of pointing hands and bloodied eyes,   how
the hands were severed–
how they beckoned escape,  how
the eyes were a swarm of resignations,
a mirror of assaults

how no one can hear you sing
with the curtains closed:
how they wouldn’t listen
if they could

how the room is sedated,
caverns in place of pupils,
reaching for the switches without palms:

how it all feels like remembering

you’ve never felt at all,
truth is a harvest of strings,
the mind is an island,
in dreams we forget
to dream at all,
how easy it is to think
it is our own.