We are the sunset
Set before
The immutable sky—a canvas
Forever worked and reworked,
In scrutiny,
As if the imagination of God
Was progressive, revised, human.
A cloud shimmers where we pass—
Casting a vague shadow
In preponderance to the coming storm
Where lovers will first dance
In the rain,
What they’ve found of themselves
Won’t be lost in a torrent.
The sunset speaks by the will of time,
And though the horizon beckons
The earth into slumber,
Are we not much the same?
Who will outlast the fading sun
In the final day, despite the will
To stay, to breathe, to live?
Life is only the passing memory
Of a sunset we once admired;
Somewhere, beyond our place, the light
Has faded beyond our hope
Of reconciliation,
And the storm,
Where lovers once danced
In the rain,
Becomes our resting place.

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