If I’d thought it would be the last
Time we’d brush hands before goodbye,
I’d have held you close, held you fast,
And convinced you to stay; you’d sigh,
Unknowing then the reasons why
I looked so deeply in your eye,
Which I now look in from the past.

If only you could live that day
Again from where the living see.
I’d live the words I’d failed to say,
A better man I swear I’d be,
But fate has always held the key
To lost days—never given free—
Already come and those that may.

I should have seen your shadow wait
An extra moment at the door,
As if it were the golden gate
The spirit wanders through before
It grows its wings so it can soar
From Earth—this place now I deplore—
But now, I fear, it is too late.

Where you have gone my soul will send
Though still in lonely days I think
You may return, and so descend
Back to the place where once the link
We held was whole, not at the brink
Of vanishing, but then I blink
And know I cannot change the end.

If I’d known, I’d redeem the past.
There would be no final goodbye.
The lie of life—we will outlast—
We’d keep, but now alone I sigh,
Not sure why those we love must die.
For now, we watch, as two, the sky.
Unknowing it will be the last.

via Daily Prompt: Martyr

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