It’s just a prank…

via Daily Prompt: Joke


It’s just a prank bro,
Whatchu think you know?
Said I’m sorry. Honest,
Thought I’d caught you at your best.
Didn’t mean to make you feel
That way; with me, that’s the deal.
Make others deal
With the pain I’ve yet to feel.
Hide behind the face
Of a joke, a ploy, a mask.
Sorry if I forget to ask,
But I need you
To react like you never really knew.
That’s not always the case,
But agenda: religion, love, and race
Is the new reason
To exist. Comes round like seasons.
New reason. Old news.
Not for us to choose
Where or why,
Yet I
Know your fear,
Know the year,
Know the tear
You shed alone.
What you’d thought you’d outgrown
Is only the beginning
Of the abuse,
The misuse,
The shame,
The game
We all love within,
Which is to win.
The jokes on me;
It’s easy enough to see,
But I’ve taken
You with me. I’ve forsaken
Us both, so I’ve won.
Relax. It’s all done.
It’s only a prank. Only a game.
In the end it’s all just the same.
We all walk fallen.
Us pranksters go all in.
Don’t expect justice.
It’s just us.
The beginning and end.
No one will send.
Your one,
Under the endless sun.
Relax. Please. Enough.
Look. Life’s tough.
Cry all you want.
You’re the one I’ll flaunt.
Get over it. Your ships sank.
For God’s sake, it’s just a prank?!

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