These Words:

These words
Have been written:
In the sand,
Carved in the
Mountain, carried
Through the wind.
They were
These words
Are an
Extension of control.
Our control.
These words were
These words we hold too.
These words were fated
To find us.
These words are
Written in the Earth.
The heart.
The essence.
These words are
Everywhere, and nowhere.
They’ve all been written.
Waiting to be discovered.
Waiting to be realized,
By us.
Where these words go
We cannot say.
Where they come,
We cannot know.
We know each day
We choose a page.
We choose the way.
Carve sentences from the
Earth, the sand, the wind.
We are
The pages
Of the words
We’ve created for ourselves.
These words are
Unique only
In context.
Our context.
Our explanation.
Looking for meaning.
Until the words
Make sentences,
And those into
And although we
We couldn’t be
Anymore different,
We’ll all share the words:
The end.

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