Library of Babel:

This post, I admit, is beyond me. Far, far, beyond me. Incomprehensible is simply not enough to describe the scale of what’s called “The Library of Babel.” Included in this library are all combinations of letters ever hoped to be arranged with basic punctuation. Think about that for a moment. Every, and oh do I mean every, letter combination within 3200 characters. Let me briefly explain before I send you off to try this for yourself because no amount of me typing away will be as exciting as going to the website itself.

Every combination. Words that have not been created yet are in this library. Every sentence you have ever said, or ever will say, is in this library. The words your mother spoke when you were born are cataloged within this library. The words that will be spoken at your funeral are kept somewhere in the library of babel. Every great work of Shakespeare, every blog post I’ve ever written, everything.

Of course, this is isn’t to say it can predict the future, it’s only to say, that every possibility of future things to be said, or spoken, or considered in one’s own mind are there just waiting to be discovered.

Here’s the link:

Once in the website, go to search and type in anything you can think of: famous quotes, random gibberish, it really doesn’t matter whatsoever. It will be there, always, like some sort of muse, but truly it couldn’t be tied anymore closely to reality.



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