Look past me:

Look past me
Like you’ve done,
Like I’m invisible,
Like you’ve forgotten
All about me.
Pay no notice
To the time,
The place,the
Mood we shared;
It’s often so
Clear that you
Never once cared,
Or considered anything
Beyond the surface,
As if I
Were erasable, a
Scratch off ticket,
A sunset never
Meant to rise
Again. I write
This knowing you’ll
Never see it,
And, if you
Do, never knowing
It was these
Words that were
Volleyed at you.
There you’ll sit
Not knowing the
Pain you’ve caused,
Counting each three
Word set like
A trinity, feeling
The gravity rising,
Reeling as the
Guilt is buried
Where you’re blackened
Heart still hides
As a coward.
You’ll look past
All of this,
Like you’ve looked
Past me so
Many times before.
You’ll revel in
The excuses you’ve
Made for yourself,
And look past
The sinking reality,
Which is your
Shattered and unbearably
Altered conscience. Morality
Is forever unquestioned.
The past is
Incessantly at the
Forefront of decisions.
Time is always
Stopped in the
Warped perception of
Your selfish reasoning.
Look past me.
Search for what
You’ll never find,
What you ungratefully
Get the second
Chance to fulfill,
And how it
Has all come
To be. Undoubtedly
You’ll see yourself
Standing snark, headlong,
And falsely righteous.
So go on.
I’ve accepted everything.
Go live free
From any worry,
Or regret, or
Sense of remorse.
Some part of
Me waits in
Those dark parts
Of the past;
A part of
Me stolen and
Cast like a
Sickly triumphant memorial
Of the scars
I’ve left behind.
A part of
Me waits in
Those dark woods
That I wandered
So often afraid.
You’ll look past
Me. Living the
Lie you’ve always
Kept artificially close.
That part of
Me left behind
Will stay there.
Waiting for the
Apology it knows
It will never

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