Letter to myself:

I’m sorry.
Sorry for
Even trying.
Sorry for
Thinking that
I had
A chance.
Sorry for
Hoping in
Advance that
My dreams
Could happen.
Sorry I
Let you
Down again.
Sorry for
The doubt.
Sorry for
Being sorry.
Sorry that
I’m not
Sorry enough.
Sorry if
This hurts,
If it
Reminds you,
If this
Makes you
Rethink yourself.
Sorry for
All the
Disappointment, all
The words
I should
Have written,
All the
Unfulfilled hope.
It wasn’t
My intention
To make
You feel
This way,
I just
Thought that
It would
Make you
Happy, and
Proud, and
Reaffirm that
Passion within.
But it
Hasn’t. It
Feels broken,
And I
Said that
I was sorry.
I guess
It was
One step
Too far
To believe…

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