We are the Wind:

We are the wind:
We rise, we fall,
We storm, we cease.
We heed no call
When we release.
We never fade,
We only go
Beyond the glade
We’ve yet to know,
And seek the things,
From where we roam,
That speak of life and what it brings,
And keep us close at touch with home.
And though we’ve found
No solace, no peace,
We wait and scream our solemn sound
Into the night from to Rome to Greece
In resolve, in pain, yet may we be
Omniscient where we are from,
It’s often hard to see,
In our travel, what we’ve become.
So though we hold at hand
The world at its best,
And fly atop the land,
We often wish alone for rest,
Yet only for a moment,
For must we not rescind.
Our force is constant.
We are the wind.

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