You are my Sanctuary:

You’re my sanctuary,
My peace, my escape;
You’re the boat that carries
Me from sea—
The dimmest ocean
May it be,
And far too many there are,
But have I you, my guiding star,
And your touch to set in motion
The whisper of a breeze
To guide my sail,
No place could I not find.
Though I may wander
Time to time,
And lose the way
I’d come before,
It is no more
To say,
I seek all paths
That lead again
To you.
For in that stormy day,
Where all direction fades,
And once the peaceful calm
Turns absently to shade,
I will not fear,
I will not fret,
I will stand ready at the helm,
If only to return again,
And, grateful, once more see
That peaceful, guiding
Boat of mine—
My sanctuary.

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2 thoughts on “You are my Sanctuary:

    1. I suppose I wrote it with a sense of ambiguity to make a broader appeal;
      Who do you see as the “you”? Personally, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who it could be because there are a few people in my life that could fit the description. Somehow I find it more powerful with a sense of ambivalence, so maybe its better to keep it as such.

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