The languished light of closing day,
I watched fade by from where I lay;
The way it kissed a parting cloud,
And glanced from such a feeble shroud
Awoke in me transcendent flight,
To gaze so freely at this sight—
Though sunsets fade.

Though sunsets fade I could yet stay
Forever at the setting sun,
And only if I could outrun
The fading border time has won,
Yet where horizons turn to gray
Sunsets fade.

Sunsets fade, though may we plea
Of where the soul will pull to be;
The weathered spirit has its end
As sunsets fall, so will night send,
And from the place we fail to see
Sunsets fade.

So from the dimming life we’ve made,
In deeper waters will we wade
Until, by fate, our lives are drawn;
A passing thought and life goes on,
Though sunsets fade.

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