Two paths, and you: A fork in the road.

Honestly, if this post right here isn’t an indication of what I’m feeling right now… I’m not sure what is.

Two paths,
And You;
Of course,
It’s never just two,
Yet dreams bounding
Like pirouettes
On strings
Make clear paths
Like days to a year.
Choosing the direction,
Is only the start of the fear,
And really,
It’s never as clear as it seems.
You’ve seen the empty roads,
With barren footsteps,
Leading to nowhere,
And you listen—
Echoes of hopes like yours
Now empty screams.
It starts like this,
One foot,
And the next.
Wishing secretly
You could stay,
But your home
From the beginning
Was vexed.
Love passes by
Like stray thoughts
Of what once was,
And you can almost
Feel the touch,
Hear the voices,
But life is such a rush;
It passes by like
Childhood fantasies,
And goodbyes
You never had time for.
So you
Take the chance—
Perhaps your last—
Holding your breath,
Awaiting death,
For that is one road
We all travel.
It’s time to leave;
So many paths
You’ll never have the chance
To see.
Praying the one you take,
Won’t leave you
Is this one for me?

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