Phases of living

Thinking about my own life, the existential phases of moving forward, moving on, and forgetting, are things I’ve come to know all to well, and moving on to college is only the beginning of the newest change.  This is in reflection to that thought:

I remember yesterday;
The stark superficiality
Of now artificial whispers
Calling forward from the past.

Time cares only for what’s to come,
As do we,
In quiet moments
Between triumph,
And the inevitable pull of emptiness,
Which is the longing of life.

To live is to wonder,
Of better things,
And certainly worse,
For living is only the interim
Of discovery.

I hope for the day,
May it come,
In the eyes of others,
When discovery,
Is more than just a phase,
But the beautiful certainty
That life is worth living.

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