Young Again:

In response to the Daily Post Blog:

Before the end, may we hope to see the light of better days—
Careless, breathless moments of ageless dances we learned in youth—
Whose memories, amnesia trodden, remember still the beauty of wishing
We could forget.

In age, however may we try, we will forget;
In our own minds we will fade—
So to existence—
And the eyes will turn away,
Forever at the path of uncertainty,
Casting the silhouette of our vain attempt
To be seen.

To be forgotten is the attrition of existence,
So we sing—the years like fading pixels now—
The archaic song of our youth;
It is from life we know of living,
And of purpose—to belong.

In memory we will be young,
And far beyond us,
May our daughters, by moon, pull way for the sun?
Life is a curious sorrow;
As in death, life has so much to give.
If I must die—so is life—
Fate implore me;
May I die so others may live?

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