To a Friend:

This poem is in honor of a dear friend of mine; how ever difficult it may become I hope you, and us all, will have the courage to persevere. To Vince:

Simplicity is the veil of insecurity;
The mind is the canvas of beauty.
In doubt, life becomes the impurity,
While truth is the sage of our duty.

Was it you who wished upon a star
When your heart blazed brighter than a sun?
Or was it you, from Earth, and them afar,
When dreams became the place to run?

Hide the shadows from your eyes, when they tear.
May the memory be the strength of tomorrow.
It is they who will live with the fear,
So never give in to the sorrow.

To hell—and to them—we know ourselves and of living.
So I’ve said,
And so I say,
Their bitter hearts,
Though they preach,
Know little of forgiving;
Happiness and love can still mean gay.

As I’ve seen in you,
Is the rise and fall of piano keys,
And the tirade of strings,
So let waves crescendo from the seas,
And may love forever be your wings.

Your spirit, I believe, is your only true guide,
Amidst the fumes and the tireless gray.
What can life withhold, with your heart, mind, and soul on your side?
Your words are mine—theirs were only ever dal niente.

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