Population One

This year I had the privilege to fulfill one of my lifetime goals, and perform at Louder Than A Bomb. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, it is one of the largest Slam Poetry Competitions in the world (You should totally go check it out). This poem I’m about to share is an excerpt from a group poem I performed with several other of my good friends. The theme was loneliness, and this was the section I wrote and performed.

Welcome to me: population one.
There in my heart—my mind.
You’re the face I’ll never see again they say.
No clouds in sight, but it’s never looked so gray.
I’d paint a picture to make you see.
It would be picture perfection—
Anything but ideal.
A deal with the devil taught me how to give up my soul.
This toll to search down broken highways,
Has left me enslaved on this road
Toward 7.4 billion souls—
Reaching for it all, the highest shelf,
But not even one is any closer
To helping me find myself.
So they,
Say that time heals,
And so it goes,
That time the paradigm expectation slows.
Tell me,
How is time supposed to heal
When my heart feels stopped?
I am completely alone.



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