.     Humble beginnings, I’ve been told, are like rosebuds: so full of things to give, to discover, to become. They must be nurtured in all the typical ways you’d expect: water, sunlight, and soil. Above these all, however, and indeed at the very heart of existence, remains their will to live. We are not so unlike these rosebuds; we search for what little light we can amidst a sea of darkness, planting our feet beneath the earth, praying we will not be washed away, filling our hearts with the hopeful rains of tomorrow’s everlasting promise, in hope we will not drown.

Here is a rosebud before you. Nothing more. Nothing less. A simple hope that, perhaps, amidst the careless fumes and trifles of living, a word, a story, a connection could be the gap between souls.

Until then, and not so far as you think, I wish the best to you all.


Tyler Stokes


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